Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

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Reggies Spot

I am a Law student of the University of Nigeria with a strong desire to rise to the best of my ability in the legal world and beyond. Aside this, I am a bookie, God-lover and writer by passion. I believe there’s a lot to be learnt and corrected when we express our views on issues that affect us. I observe to identify issues that need to be discussed and writing is how I share my views on certain lifestyle, trending and very relatable issues that affect many with a hope to reach out, soothe, enlighten and ultimately add value.

Reggies Spot

Reggiesspot is a blog that encapsulates lifestyle, trending, relatable and enlightening topics. Every article here is written with the aim to proffer insight, perspective and life solutions where necessary while creating a platform for people to express their views on certain issues. I hope you have a swell time here.

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