Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

32 thoughts on “What you should know about cancel culture.

  1. Cancel Culture is not going to stop so we all should better get used to it.
    On the positive side, politicians and celebrities would be more circumspect with their words and actions knowing fully well that the wrong move could spell doom for them.

      1. Do you think people will ever be responsible?
        Social media gives us power that we didn’t have before and as a lot of political analysts would opine, ‘power is bound to be abused’.
        I’ve gotten used to it already.

    1. By “getting used to it” you mean developing a thick skin to it since it’s inevitable abi? Otherwise I’d like to say that in as much as we can’t change everything or everyone, we can work on ourselves as individuals. If the cancel culture can’t be solved one can at least not be part of it or if one will be part of it, it must be for the right reasons.

  2. Well done dear. To be sincere, we are not in any perfect world/society. Our clime is worse hit by hypocrisy in governance – political, traditional, religious & institutional. Many are emotionally traumatised. The only means of self-expression for many is to engage in social media cancelling.
    This has not been totally unhelpful because it has saved us some scandals & discouraged many from being the subject of such discourse. Thanks

  3. Well this gave me an insight on the technical term, Cancel Culture. My thought is the social media community unlike the real word , is devoid critical analysing of news , once a post is dropped . We are quck to comment without even asking the reasonableness and validity of such post. I believe we all should think for even ten minutes before making a comment and cancelling someone. nice piece rejoice .

  4. Beautiful write up Rejoice
    Please it’s not too late to Never conclude about people because of what others say about them,never inherit other people’s enemy,never use your children as weapons of war,never gang up with others to hate someone,never allow yourself to be used as a weapon in other people’s battles,never hate people just because they don’t behave like you, never judge people until you know the whole story or possibly hear from both sides,
    I wish the whole world gets to read this.
    Remember the 4 test by Rotary club
    Let it guide your actions and reactions too

  5. Cancel culture is an attack on freedom of speech. I for one believe that know authority should determine which speech or information should stand out in the society. Cancel culture is a very deadly tool in a democratic society and when people are being silenced from airing their views we tend to create an autocratic society and a very unhealthy trend where varying opinions are attacked instead of discussed. Social media Giants like Facebook, Twitter are also censoring information which is kind of like cancel culture where an organization deems it fit to be the sole authority of what information or news people should hear or see. I believe opinion varies, information varies and all should be tabled down for people to see and draw their opinion or conclusion. Instead of the other way round where an authority or organization determines what information people should get access to or what speech people should say.

  6. I digested this well?.
    Most people on social use the opportunity to drag people they’ve been hating on and really waiting for the right public opportunity to vent.
    They can be on your matter fr one week straight, every word they type can really mess with one’s head.

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