Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

18 thoughts on “Have you heard of the scout handshake?

  1. Very interesting to know thanks for this eye opening truth, It’s beautiful .
    I really had a great time reading and a new knowledge about scout handshake.

  2. I was also smacked for using my left hand instead my right, wish they could see this because right now I’m like “in your faces”.
    But this write up is really very nice, great work.

  3. Being a scout for years, I was taught d handshake and also y we had to do it
    Lol, I doubt I trusted anyone on d parade grounds, I just did it to avoid being “jaspered”

    Its a nice write up Rejoice

  4. I have always wondered why making use of my left hand to collect or give something is bad ,and when I ask answers I get is “it is not good” then I ask myself is my left and right hand not mearnt for same function?Ever since I have just believed that it is some kind of superstition, but you know I can’t hold on to what I believe and then use my left hand because I will be reprimanded. Technically from this piece i am right and I learnt more

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