Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

11 thoughts on “Back on the Pads/Nigerian Students blogsode

  1. Lmao Rejoice??. I was reading this in a bus and laughing out loud and the people here thought I was crazy. The accuracy of this whole write up has me in stitches. It’s the repeated “Baba God help me” for me.?

    Lovely write up. Thank God we are done with the stress that comes with the tort of failing contract ABI whatever you said?

  2. Omoex! ???

    Thank God we scaled through. That period of resumption and exams was the most terrible part of 2021.

    My school (ABSU) was having classes and tests even during that period.

    But thank God we survived it all ?

  3. The caption got me?

    It was truly like them who dreamed but whichever ways, God alarmed us out of the drowsiness. A whole lot happened before and after resumption which well scrutinized, we need to set out a full night to render all doxology to God for his grace to remain alive.
    Though not yet done with my exams but I think this is the still point. Oluwa no shame us and will never shame us ?.

    To Reggie, I appreciate your efforts for this piece, you also still the storm a little by your archbishop beson idahosa’s post ” God help me”!? God truly helped. Best regards ma.

    We remain pessimistic

  4. That song “capable God” was my anthem, “God, help me” was in my mind 24/7. Thank for men I trust that came through seriously, encouraging, strengthening and that money part was a big motivation. God no shame us!

  5. “after the tort of failing contract and weighing the pros and cons of rewriting Chiwil, all man decided to consume their textbooks.” This part caught me bad? The creativity here screams.

    Now, “Omoo×100000” has become my second language due to it overuse by me during this exam period. I may now have to upgrade to “omoo×infinity.”? It sound cooler. Thanks to you.

    Finally na God go help us las las

    What a relatable write up this is!

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