Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

16 thoughts on “Post Examination Depression

  1. Good Job Rejoice! I especially like the fact that you proffered invaluable solutions to help solve this problen.

    To those who are suffering from post-examination depression, you’ll find Rejoice’s filth tip to deal with this problem highly instructive.

  2. Quite Relatable! I love the fact that you added “Quit comparing your pace”. People need to find a balance between complacency and obsessive planning. Some times, it’s just better to REST, then fire again.
    Nice one Rejoice

  3. I practiced tip 1 and 2. Tips 3 and 4 served ad a reminder. And I am not one to worry about my results but I do think about that. Sometimes.

    Thank you Rjay. Its about time I TAKE IT.

  4. According to what you have said, then what I need the most is sleep, because my shoulders are heavily weighed trying to balance education and work.

  5. Love the fact that the piece is a at a glance read more like a thriller novel. The message is intact. Like you said, your existing good academic record gave you concern. One might rightly infer that post examination depression happens to a particular group of student; student with amazing academic record. And I begin to wonder what does student that has average or probably not-so- good academic results face after examination?

    Why I ask this question is because the story associated to this piece theme has a tone of particularity; like someone looking for or deciding which course to chose is possibly no ordinary student; more so a student who feel harrassed by the attitude of the other is also no nonsense student. I Guess is intentional…, With this and other instances in mind, answering the above question or correcting the question ask is very much important. Shalom!

  6. Firstly I didn’t know this was a thing. But I know I always miss school period two to three days after exam cause I’m like what am I supposed to do with my life? Thank you for helping us with a name for this. Thank you too for the tips you gave, I will be sure to apply them.

    Secondly, this is such a beautiful piece.? You are good at what you do.?

  7. Very much relatable. The funny thing is how this depression lingers on most times till results are published. Most times, you feel like it’s gone away only to realize it was only dormant waiting for something to spur it up. I guess it’s something one has to deal with in the academic sphere constantly and worth the help of the solutions you proffered it will help lighten one’s burden in this journey.
    I enjoyed myself ?

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