Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

7 thoughts on “The Scientific Reason You’re Selfish

  1. As a child I was a perpetrator of this. And that’s why I believe being self absorption is a natural prediliction for children. As we grow older, we are expected to leave that habit behind and pay more attention to issues that affect others and our society. The problem is, there are a lot of individuals roaming about who haven’t shaken off that infantile trait. Caring about oneself alone without giving a hoot about others is something no one ever should be proud of.

  2. Omo… This particular topic loud oh.

    But personally I’ve noticed that most times I’m so self absorbed but I’m trying to stop it. Thank you for this post. It has made me understand the reason for my being so “self absorbed”.

  3. You are on point. Jefferson also aptly submitted on point. It’s a natural trait whereas, altruism only manifests in those who welcome the divine nature in them.
    In certain but most rarely circumstances, I get absorbed in self consideration.

  4. Nice picture. I will also like to say that the chief cause of anxiety is selfishness. When it’s only about you-i need shoe, I want that sneakers, ooh, he didn’t reply message, just imagine he didn’t text me on my birthday…What this does is that once you are unable to have those wants, you’re plunged in anxiety, which may lead to depression as the case may be.

    Also, thinking about others more than you think about yourself makes you happy, efficient and free.

    As regards Hobbes proposition about the nasty and selfish nature of human being, I don’t agree with that. And I noticed he borrowed that proposition from Darwin’s theory of natural selection. This theory have it that the weak, altruists die off leaving behind the strong, selfish ones to subsist. Therefore, every subsisting human being is selfish, strong and less altruistic. Now, the impediment or rather the challenge is, why do we still find altruistic people. Why are they still alive?. A solution which Darwin preferred by saying that the altruistic nature of man is aroused when he stays in group because more altruists in a group, more successful the group becomes. So Hobbes might be right but I think he’s wrong.

    Nice work Riji.

  5. A very succinct and well researched piece. It is a generally accepted phenomenon that most humans are wired to be selfish, egoistic, self centered creatures. Thanks to facts and observations that have been proferred by some great theorists as well as experimental studies. However I do have some strong hesitations about some of these postulations . e.g The assertions that selflessness is our default mode, Hobbes assertions as well as Darwins theory of natural selection. I tend towards the thought that these observations or theories may be just be products of hasty generalizations. I recognize, however the degrees of truth they profer.
    My point simply is that it is very possible to see human beings (children and adults alike) who are selfish and brutish, just as it is to see those who are selfless and considerate. In addition to scientific facts, Factors such as politico , economic et social factors as well as Life experiences, upbringings and orientations play very vital roles in shapening the the Egoistic or altruistic tendencies of people.
    It is sufficient to say that I am both victim and perpetrator of this act of self absorbtion.

    Nice job riji riji. ??

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