Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

10 thoughts on “What is wrong with the giant?_ Onwukwe Anthony.

  1. Anthony, I seriously think that your head is deserving of a hard knock!
    What do you mean by “you just came to announce that this country is on an autocruise”? And here I am with my paper and pen ready to note your scholarly opinion on “what can really be done to address the Nation’s problem”, only to find out that you’re cruising!??
    Well, I agree. This Country is auto-cruising. In fact, we all are.
    Nice attempt, anyway. Jisie Ike.?✍️✍️

  2. A nice one Tony. Keep it up.
    Let’s hope the country will have a surprising turn around in a near future to reclaim its pride of place in the committee of African nations.

  3. You proferred a solution to a part of thenations problems. By renovating the refinery and subsidizing petrol price, we will still continue to pay our normal#30 from gate to law faculty.

    Awesome piece, honourable.

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